Scott inspires people who truly want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE  to BEING THAT PERSON, through developing a success mindset and implementing effective strategies
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About Me

I inspire people who truly want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE  to BE THAT PERSON, through developing a success mindset and implementing effective strategies.

Founder & CEO of G I E marketing Ltd
Founder & CEO of The Positive Vibe Place
Partner of Business On Fire
Part of the BeCollaboration movement
Author of 'It All Starts With Your Client Vision'

I’m a sought after marketing and social media strategist. The one unique aspect that makes me stand out as one the best marketing strategist in the UK is that I put in place effective strategies which focus on what and how your clients engage with, and whereas nearly all marketing agencies and self acclaimed social media ‘experts’ know how to use social media, I know how to get actual results and get clients through using social media effectively. 

Those of you that have met me, attended my networking events, worked with me, been to one of my workshops, or seen one of my presentations will know that I’m very passionate about  inspiring frustrated business owners to achieve the results they want from their marketing budgets.  So that you can focus on what you’re great at and through the success of your business, become transformed and live a powerful and positive life.

For over 30 years I have had successful careers in marketing and sales. I have run seven £1m+ businesses and managed large teams and know how to achieve growth through implementing effective strategies. Some of my achievements have been massive, including turning a £7m business into a £11m business in just 18 months.  

To your success,

Scott C. Campbell